Our Ethos

The Beehive Project Southampton is committed to improving the outcome for children and young people who are looked after or leaving care. We create and maintain an environment that promotes well-being, supports learning, personal development and social inclusion through empowering relationships. 

Young people are at the heart of everything we do at The Beehive Project. We strive to ensure safety and wish to improve the outcome of every young person within our care. The housing and support we provide offers 16-25-year-olds fantastic opportunities to further themselves and bring happiness to their lives.

By creating an environment rich in resources and opportunities for clients to thrive, the aim is to instil hope and a positive future towards living a valuable independent life – whatever that means. We understand that an individual’s history and background do not and should not navigate or define their current understandings and situation. Because of this, situational awareness and resourcefulness are used to promote people to thrive.

The Beehive Project combines the stability of the care services with the flexibility and energy of a private company. We are very proud to provide positive, effective support solutions to complicated problems. An expansion of care to those who require a higher level of support is now something we are enthralled to be able to offer. 

How We Work

Our Values

Innovation – We are a dynamic, fast paced organisation, actively seeking out exciting, and revolutionary ways of improving outcomes, ethically and safely but without fear of recourse, or recompense.

Collaboration - We Invite, consider, and integrate multiple perspectives in decision making as a means of deepening social justice, enhancing well-being, and good governance. Working collaboratively to both support and challenge colleagues. 

Empowerment – We believe that empowering an individual is crucial to ensuring they experiences a sense of control over their life. Allowing them to make sense of their universe and take ownership and responsibility for their own learning, well-being, and happiness.

Ethical Integrity – We are committed to practicing safely, transparently, and competently with due consideration of any relevant social policy and legal and ethical boundaries of our profession. Bringing at the same time a critical awareness to any tensions existing between our values and such policies.

Empathy – We recognise that personal histories, characteristics, and social and political contexts have brought each person to their current understanding of the world. We bring this knowledge to the forefront of our relationship with the people we support.

A Sense of Fun – We understand the value of creative playfulness and adventure and its pivotal role in creating nurturing positive relationships.

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About Us

The Beehive Project is a young, vibrant and fast-paced company that provides unique, semi-independent accommodation with wraparound 24-hour support and communal living in a shared house for young people aged 16 to 25. We are passionate about our pursuit to help young people build stable and successful lives. Our aim is to help our clients unlock their full potential and help them open doors to a secure and positive future.

Our founder, Lee Firetto, is committed to helping young people across the UK. He established The Beehive Project in 2019 after discovering the lack of support available to 16 to 25-year-olds in Southampton.

All of our staff share our values (support, care, educate and grow) and are fully trained by professional care workers. We provide a strong, interactive, working community within the businesses and can offer work placements with us. This offers huge benefits to a young person’s confidence and self-worth, which is an important factor in achieving a positive change.

The Beehive Project is part of a larger collection of hospitality venues across Southampton.

Meet our team


Sally Guy Personal Adviser - with a Local Authority Children’s Services

‘All I can say is, I highly recommend this team … to support any of our vulnerable young people. They continue to be creative, passionate and flexible, working with my young people to ensure at all times they are safe and well and have a good outlook and healthy opportunities in life for the future.’

AP - Service User

"I came to The Beehive Project after being in hospital for 5 years. I was terrified, lonely, I didn't trust anyone, I felt that recovery and making any sort of life was impossible. 
Having Rhi as my key worker, I believe, is the reason why I have come so far. She goes above and beyond for me, she is amazing to talk too, she made me feel safe here, she pushes me to go out and see old friends, she believed in me more than I did and I hadn't had that before. She taught me to trust again, and not only her but the whole team. Rhiannon believed in me, I'm now starting college in September. I can see a future. She works so hard and I think she really cares about seeing us progress. I always want to make her proud

Mandie - Family Member

‘[My daughter] has only been at The Beehive Project a few weeks and already I am impressed. She received a well thought out transition, received a very warm welcome, and is very well supported and looked after by all the staff [...] She is progressing and I can see this already. The staff are amazing and we are lucky to have found The Beehive Project.’

Shaira Ghoorun - Family Engagement Worker

"I feel very strongly that the local need for services such as The Beehive Project – particularly with regards to supported living arrangements for young people aged 16-25 – is very significant. I have worked in Children’s Services for a short time and can already establish that there is a high need for specific support for the young people we support between 16-18 in particular, especially with regards to those who are living in difficult situations while managing their mental health and receiving support with learning disabilities and autism. The Beehive Project have been incredibly supportive in a short space of time to a young person open to our service and have enabled her to feel stable for the first time in a long time, while introducing structure and activity into her life. The support that I have witnessed and co-worked so far has been strong and is individually suited to the needs of each young person in question. I have worked with Rhiannon (manager at Acacia House) for around six weeks and can see the care and support that she and her colleagues put into this house and all of the service users who live there, in order to create a homely, supportive and caring atmosphere to young people who have high needs in terms of mental health and learning disability support. ."

The Beehive Project is regulated for Domicilliary Care under the Care Quality Commission as of September 2022.

Children & Young People Awards Finalist

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