Who We Support

  • Looked-after children, including Separated Children Seeking Asylum (SCSA) (16-25 years of age): Typically moving from foster care/residential in planned way as they prepare for independence. Separated Children Seeking Asylum; typically placed as part of the National Transfer Scheme.
  • Care leavers (16 to 25 years old): Young people who has been looked after by a local authority for a period of 13 weeks, or periods amounting in total to 13 weeks, which began after their 14th birthday and ended after their 16th birthday.
  • Young people with complex needs (16-25 years of age): This would include young people who have a diagnosed mental health condition, or young people stepping down from a children’s home. It would also include 16-17 years who are leaving secure accommodation or being released from a custodial sentence or who are awaiting court and likely to have a custodial sentence. It might also suit young people who have been repeatedly evicted from other shared / semi-independent provision, or who have been victim to or are at risk of Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE).
  • Parent(s) and child (16-25 years of age): Parents aged 16-25 years who require supported accommodation with their child to facilitate assessment of their parenting capacity by children’s services.
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