Moving On

The semi-independent living package with floating support is the main aftercare service we provide at The Beehive Project. It aims to facilitate a smooth transition to an independent life and helps to build the young person’s abilities and skills to take full responsibility for their future. Usually, this phase has a maximum duration of 5 years, after which the young person should be able to lead an independent life without the continued support of The Beehive Project.

We have acquired several community-based studio flats in Southampton which we offer a minimum of 10 hours floating support to better prepare the young people for a semi-independent life. The young people with us benefit from a secure and structured environment which help them to succeed in their 'personal plan' and we support them in a gradual move towards independence and social integration.

The main objective of the semi-independent living with floating support is to ensure the young person has regular employment and receives regular income, with appropriate housing, and the young person is adequately prepared to take full control of, and responsibility for, their life.

We are fortunate at The Beehive Project to be part of a larger organisation that offers real job opportunities in the hospitality industry for our young people, especially those who are moving onto semi-independent living with us.

To help keep our young people on their individual 'best track' we continue to offer health and therapeutic services, even after they have moved onto semi-independent living, this forms part of our floating support. We believe it is essential that we keep our young people supported emotionally for as long as we all feel it is necessary.

The Beehive Project is regulated for Domicilliary Care under the Care Quality Commission as of September 2022.

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