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A one-size-fits-all approach for determining suitable accommodation simply doesn’t work. Therefore, we assess the background of a young person’s individual needs and their specific circumstances. Where the interaction of shared living is a positive step for one person, others may need the peace and quiet of individual living.

At The Beehive Project, we have developed a policy to address the varied needs of our clients. We own, operate and manage a portfolio of studios, one- and two-bedroom apartments, as well as a shared ‘transitional’ house, all of which are for the exclusive use of supported accommodation.

Every referral to The Beehive Project is considered on an individual needs basis. A support plan is drawn up for the young person in conjunction with key stake holders such as family members and social workers, alongside a risk assessment for the service user and the provider. This enables suitable accommodation to be defined, and a location within our portfolio to be found.

Each part of our portfolio is fit for varying levels of needs. The studios are located opposite our main office and offer a high level of integration with our organisation. The one-bedroom apartments allow space, privacy and the opportunity to trial independent living. They are further enriched with our ‘mock’ tenancy agreement scheme, mirroring a real-world setting. The shared house and two-bedroom apartments offer the chance for shared living in a friendly environment with high level outreach support.

During a young person’s time with us, they may move throughout all three options, depending on their stage in life and current situation.

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The Beehive Project is regulated for Domicilliary Care under the Care Quality Commission as of September 2022.

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