Manuka House

Movement, evolution, progression

Manuka House endeavours to maintain strong values; these values are also our driving force to tentatively support and facilitate our clients in a way that promotes positive wellbeing for young adults with complex needs such as learning disabilities, autism and mental health needs and challenges. We promote independence and encourage individual development in a caring, homelike environment whilst prioritising safety as paramount. We actively seek innovative, revolutionary ways of providing care and creating improved ethical and safe outcomes. Collaboration between our staff and clients is imperative in deepening social justice and enhancing well-being.

By empowering an individual in our care, we are ensuring they have a sense of ownership of their life, allowing them to take responsibility for their own learning, well-being, and happiness, all whilst being supported by our team. We go at the individual’s pace whilst remaining in control of situations to achieve the desired outcome.

We recognise the importance of creativity and adventure, developing established personalities that can create and maintain nurturing, positive relationships. We are committed to operating in a transparent, competent manner with consideration of relevant social policy and legal and ethical boundaries of our profession.

Personal histories, characteristics, and social and political contexts have brought each person to their current understanding of the world. We bring this knowledge to the forefront of our relationship with the people we support and know these factors do not define an individual.

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The Beehive Project is regulated for Domicilliary Care under the Care Quality Commission as of September 2022.

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