What We Offer

The Beehive Project has many accommodation options for young people, from semi-independent living in individual studios and one-bedroom apartments, to spacious communal houses with 24-hour wraparound support for the 16-25 year olds. In order to monitor and manage this, we spend time creating a bespoke support plan within the first two weeks of the young person’s placement with us. All our support plans are created together with the young person, allowing us to bond with the individual and learn their specific needs. Our support plans are never static, and we regularly review and assess them. This allows us the opportunity to change and amend them as often as necessary.

Every young person needs a helping hand at some point in their life - some more than others. We offer a wide range of services to children and young people, including social care, support, training and education services. At The Beehive Project, we believe every person is unique and that they each face their own difficult challenges. This is why the support we offer is tailored to the specific needs of the individual. All our packages are led and managed by a team who have worked extensively across children’s and young adults services. Our aim is to safely and professionally accommodate a wide variety of clients, including young people with complex needs, young people with children, asylum seekers, and looked-after children.

Our support plans consist of:

  • Mental and physical health service support
  • Preparation for independent living
  • Life skills training
  • Finding and joining leisure activities
  • Accessing local organisations
  • Work experience
  • Education and training
  • Job preparation
  • In-house registered psychologist and counsellor services
  • Family tracing for UASC

Semi-Independent Living

The Beehive Project does not allow the complex needs of young people to get in the way of achieving independent living at some point in the future. This is why we introduce our service users to the semi-independent living package, to establish the skills needed to live independently.

In the early stages of their time with us, we initiate stability that many of our service users have not experienced in their past. This, alongside training on life skills such as cooking, budgeting, bills and household maintenance, assists our residents in their goal for independence. We ensure that our young people are supported in learning and maintaining self-reliance, resilience and self-care. This enables them to make informed decisions concerning their present and future actions, thus achieving a successful transition into independent life.

We provide structure, support and guidance accompanied by emotional warmth and strong relationships, allowing our service users to grow and develop in a safe ‘family’ environment.

Outreach Support

Support from The Beehive Project is not only accessible for our residents. Our outreach support allows young people in the local area to stay in their family home whilst accessing the services that we provide. Our outreach programme is focussed on achieving positive outcomes for all young people.

This is also known as ‘floating support’ for those young people who have moved on into independent accommodation, but who need support for a little longer whilst adjusting to life on their own. The Beehive Project provides young people aged 16-25 in Southampton and the local area with help accessing services such as Universal Credit and Housing Benefit, mental and physical health, training, education and work.

Some service users may only need a few hours a week, whereas others need intense support to reach a specified goal. No matter their needs, our dedicated and experienced staff will fully support our young people in achieving their best outcome.

Family Services

A strong and stable family base provides a foundation for a child to grow and develop. Many of our young people lack the skills to provide this due to disruption in their lives. This can lead to poor outcomes for their health, education and social development. We work with families dealing with complex issues such as mental health problems, difficulties with parenting, struggles engaging in education or training, and emotional or physical welfare problems. We try to instil resilience and empowerment, and we support them until they are able to manage independently.

The Beehive project does offer a family support service, where we are able to offer support and assessment for young people requiring support and guidance with their babies and children under 5. Within this package, we offer a holistic family approach in our supported accommodation in one- or two-bedroom apartments. This includes parenting support, assistance in accessing local baby groups, ensuring that they can access the health visiting service and other health services that may be required. We provide relationship support and home-based support individually designed to meet complex needs, we can discuss with the referrer exact requirements and create a package of support that is holistic, and person centred.

Education and Training

Many of the young people entering our accommodation are disengaged from education or training, have struggled to find the right structure or organisation, or have been unsuccessful in gaining qualifications such as GCSEs. The staff at The Beehive encourage and support our young people to begin or continue a form of training or education where possible.

This could include:

  • Social and personal development in the form of cooking courses, independent living skills and leisure activities
  • Functional skills such as Maths and English
  • Employability with interview prep and CV writing
  • College/University courses
  • Internships
  • Jobs in the local area

We believe that all young people should achieve their potential and be supported to access employment training or education, all our service users should be offered equal opportunities to access courses in the local area. With ties to Southampton City College, Solent University and the Princes Trust, there is a large selection of options available, should our young people wish to access them.

The Beehive Project has a close working relationship with educational support workers to provide as much assistance as possible for our residents.

Work Experience and Employment

The Beehive Project has three sister businesses: Mayview Guesthouse , Polygon Villas Guesthouse and Claremont Guesthouse. This gives our young people the opportunity to gain experience in different areas of the business. This includes housekeeping, customer-facing roles and general maintenance work such as painting and decorating across the businesses. This offers our residents the possibility of a job within our companies or experience to include within their CV.

Our staff all have diverse and unique skills to support our service users and come from all walks of life, our team includes backgrounds such as carpenters, painters and decorators, mechanics, health professionals, social workers, entrepreneurs and university graduates; all of whom have close ties to many local businesses. This provides us with the opportunity to assist our service users in gaining a job in many different industries within the surrounding area.

Residents will be given the option to access Prince’s Trust courses such as CV writing and interview techniques. Their Key Worker will regularly discuss their future goals and assist with career planning, from considering the young person's ideal job to supporting them in reaching that goal. We are unique in being able to offer our service users work experience within our other companies. However, if our residents have a desire to work in another field, we will proactively seek out experience in the career that they are interested in.

Health and Therapeutic Services

The Beehive Project acknowledges that many of the young people accessing our services suffer from mental health issues. This could be post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder or a range of other complexities. Moving homes is a disruptive time for anyone, and the stress of this can exacerbate any present or underlying mental health conditions in our young people.

The Beehive Project has close working relationships with local health organisations and a host of experienced counsellors, covering an array of services to support our residents. During relocation, there is often a delay in transferring existing services to the new local borough, and we recognise that it can take time to go through the referral process to access mental health services in Hampshire. To lessen this struggle, and where agreeable to the local authority, we utilise our own in-house registered psychologist and counsellor to ease this transition, and to allow access to prescription medication where required. 

We use referrals from our counsellors, and the local doctors surgery to expedite the procedures needed to access Hampshire’s mental health services including College Keep, Antelope House and Yellow Door. During this wait, our young people can have regular appointments with the counsellor and psychologist, dependent on which best suits their needs. At this stage, residents are also assessed by our trained staff to help determine which services will be the most beneficial for each young person.

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