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Semi-Independent Living Package.

We had a young person come to us from another placement approximately nine months ago, where they had been in their own apartment with little or no help from external sources. As part of the joining process, they were assessed by Dr M. J. Ashleigh BSc PhD, as:

‘Depression levels which currently would be deemed as dangerous to their ongoing mental and physical health. This person suffers from insomnia, nightmares and flashbacks of experiences of abuse and is agoraphobic’.

Their mental health was a concerning factor, with no prescribed medicine or support to address their condition. Our immediate aim was to address the young person mental health, which involved:

  • Registering them at the doctors and having their medicines re-prescribed, which involved sourcing liquid forms of their prescribed medicine due to this person inability to take tablets
  • Referring them to Yellow Door and CAMHS, who then referred her to College Keep

The next stage was developing her confidence and self-esteem through building strong interpersonal relationships and general therapeutic support including:

  • Trips to the local supermarket
  • Outings to coffee shops
  • Cooking sessions with the Managing Director
  • Continual interaction with our office on an ad-hoc basis
  • Support with cleaning and life skills

After settling in and when this person mental health stabilised, we encouraged them to start a weekly two-hour shift in one of our B&Bs, where the continual interaction with customers and staff built their confidence and self-esteem. From here, we encouraged them to access a Prince’s Trust cooking skills course. Staff attended their graduation day and this person has now agreed to enter the Prince’s Trust twelve-week personal development course. In addition, due to the long waiting list at Yellow Door and College Keep, we have agreed to cover the cost of a twelve-week PTSD counselling course with Dr M. J. Ashleigh BSc PhD. They are also in the process of registering for college in September.

Our Packages Referral

Asylum Seeker Case Study #1

A young asylum seeker born in Sudan was not given the best start to their life. At the age of three, they were subject to dealing with the tragic murder of their father, this, alongside being the youngest and only male of their family, they grew up knowing they had no choice but to make a life for themselves.

In 2018, the unaccompanied minor was chased out of their homeland and fled for their life, with their first refuge being Italy; they soon moved on to France, where they resided for only a few months before seeking asylum in the UK. They joined us here at The Beehive project 9 months ago, from London. They’re currently studying at college in English, graphics, grammar and maths, maths being their favourite. The Beehive Project has supported this individual in our semi-independent living programme, where they’re enjoying having their own space, even ‘keeping it tidy’ and cooking for themselves! We’ve encouraged them to make friends as it’s clear they like meeting new people, this includes playing football in the local area. As of now, this young refugee is focused on placing themselves into society, education and their peers, but hopes to one day be in a position to find and support their family back in Sudan.

Asylum Seeker Case Study #2

A Separated Child Seeking Asylum (SCSA)l arrived in the UK In september 2017 after being chased out of their homeland Sudan.

They originally fled with their family, unfortunately they didn’t make it into England. Despite maintaining some forms of contact with their two sisters and four brothers back in Sudan, this young asylum seeker states they ‘wouldn’t want to go back as it was extremely tough’. The Beehive Project are supporting them with their studies in social work so they can fulfil their passion of helping other young vulnerable individuals, this, alongside our active assisting with their jobcentre application is contributing towards their strong work ethic and independence. 

Asylum Seeker Case Study #3

At the age of only 16, an individual was told to leave their home Country of Iran by their parents, as they were scared for their life; a tough call for any parent to make. Following their orders they embarked on their journey to the UK, via Iraq, Turkey, Greece, Italy and France.

This individual has been with us here at The Beehive Project for a Year and 7 Months. Before joining us, they were placed with a foster family who scarcely fed them and wanted to keep them shunned away in their bedroom. They are grateful that the Beehive Project has encouraged and supported them with going to college and learning English, something their previous support network never did. Although we are doing what we can for this Separated Child Seeking Asylum (SCSA) to the best of our abilities, there are some things that we simply cannot do without more support from the government, for example the flat this individual is staying in is difficult to upkeep due to it being old and run down.

The Beehive Project is regulated for Domicilliary Care under the Care Quality Commission as of September 2022.

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