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Semi-Independent Living Package.

We had a young person come to us from another placement approximately nine months ago, where they had been in their own apartment with little or no help from external sources. As part of the joining process, they were assessed by Dr M. J. Ashleigh BSc PhD, as:

‘Depression levels which currently would be deemed as dangerous to their ongoing mental and physical health. This person suffers from insomnia, nightmares and flashbacks of experiences of abuse and is agoraphobic’.

Their mental health was a concerning factor, with no prescribed medicine or support to address their condition. Our immediate aim was to address the young person mental health, which involved:

  • Registering them at the doctors and having their medicines re-prescribed, which involved sourcing liquid forms of their prescribed medicine due to this person inability to take tablets
  • Referring them to Yellow Door and CAMHS, who then referred her to College Keep

The next stage was developing her confidence and self-esteem through building strong interpersonal relationships and general therapeutic support including:

  • Trips to the local supermarket
  • Outings to coffee shops
  • Cooking sessions with the Managing Director
  • Continual interaction with our office on an ad-hoc basis
  • Support with cleaning and life skills

After settling in and when this person mental health stabilised, we encouraged them to start a weekly two-hour shift in one of our B&Bs, where the continual interaction with customers and staff built their confidence and self-esteem. From here, we encouraged them to access a Prince’s Trust cooking skills course. Staff attended their graduation day and this person has now agreed to enter the Prince’s Trust twelve-week personal development course. In addition, due to the long waiting list at Yellow Door and College Keep, we have agreed to cover the cost of a twelve-week PTSD counselling course with Dr M. J. Ashleigh BSc PhD. They are also in the process of registering for college in September.

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