Crisis Management

Posted on 3rd March 2022


At The Beehive Project, we support young vulnerable adults dealing with a plethora of complex needs. Despite the work we do and the services we provide, naturally we often see that they struggle to not let their past experiences and traumas define them. This unfortunately makes them susceptible to mental health relapses, crises and in some instances, exposure to crime and abuse of recreational drugs / alcohol, and entering themselves into toxic relationships. When dealing with those who are affected by complex needs, the nature of the potential fallout requires a stringent safety net for everyone involved in crises to fall back on, with the wellbeing and security of everyone involved / implicated our absolute paramount.

All of our staff, much like everyone within the health and social care economy, are trained meticulously to deal with and diffuse high risk situations. The likelihood of extreme mental health fallouts and needs are undoubtedly higher than that of the general population, so being prepared and having stringent measures in place ensures an effective approach to any crises. Although there is no way to fully prevent crises from happening, having the correct tools, resources, training and approach to delicate issues can help contain consequential fallout. 

Preventative work is as important, if not more so than reactive work.

With suicide being at the forefront of social issues in the UK, the role of support workers not only providing proventetive work but also reactive work, is no doubt needed hugely. Specifically men across the nation suffer significantally with suicidal thoughts and self harm tendencies; this is, in fact the most prolific killer of males under the age of 45. The horrifying ‘normality’ of how the nation typically deals and approaches with diminishing mental health can be isolating for those suffering. This is why, here at The Beehive Project, our tailor-made packages allow for the best support to be provided to an individual who is struggling with complex needs.

Being prepared and equipped to manage the safety of young people in the event of an emergency is vital. At The Beehive Project, we have developed and continue to work from a business continuity plan. This enables all members of staff to deal with high risk situations in a proactive and most importantly safe manner. All of our houses are taught to refer back to our plan in instances of emergency. Having this in place allows our staff to actualise risk assessed and resilient factors that have been agreed with senior management into action. This plan allows everyone involved with dealing with extreme matters to do so in a concise manner, having the assured ability to analyse any situation and achieve the safest outcome for all involved.


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